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Responses to Common Questions when Soliciting in a Capital Campaign

“Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” (Colossians 4:6)

I didn’t receive the mailing.

Please let me check our mailing address for you and send another package. I’ll call you to follow up. (Check the mailing address!)

Why are we using a consultant?

It’s an age of specialization. We call lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants and computer specialists when we need special help. We’ve never tried to raise this amount of money before and we wanted to do it professionally.

How are we paying the consultant?

He is receiving a flat rate fee for his assistance. He explained to us that it is deemed unethical to receive a percentage of what is raised.

I haven’t had a chance to look at the mailing yet.

Would it be convenient to look at it now and I could call back in a while to learn of your response to our request? Or, I could call back tomorrow or later this week.

What is this campaign all about anyway?

(Describe succinct case for the campaign in a few sentences. Not more!)

Can’t you just send to me a pledge card?

Absolutely. We’ll get one out to you right away. Or – we’re not working with pledge cards but once you give to us your commitment, we’ll send a confirmation letter to you. If you’re uncomfortable sharing this with me I can have Father call you.

Are there any naming opportunities?

Selected and special naming opportunities are listed in the brochure. Or – each and every family will be recognized and acknowledged in a “Giving Tree” or common commemorative plaque. Or – we’re trying to move beyond putting names on things in the church seeking to do our best to follow the teachings of scripture regarding giving and acknowledgement.

We have to talk about what we will give. I’ll get back in touch with you.

We have a campaign committee meeting coming up and we each report on our contacts. Is it possible I can call you back about this within a few days? Will that be enough time to talk about it?

How did you decide how much to ask me for?

It’s a “best faith estimate”. Of course, only you can determine your gift. We have very limited awareness of your financial circumstances. We can only request a gift in light of our goal. Please know that we will be grateful for whatever you decide to give.

Who decided how much to ask me for?

The priest and a few members of our campaign committee met confidentially to develop a “best faith estimate” of what we would request from each family. Of course, only you can determine what a sacrificial and meaningful gift would be. Please know that we will be grateful for whatever you decide to give.

When do you need my decision?

If possible, within the next few days. Our committee meets regularly to report on the progress of the campaign. We would love to announce that you are participating.

Over what period of time may I give?

We are requesting that families honor their pledge over a five-year period (or whatever period of time that has been set for the campaign pledges to be honored.)

We can’t possibly give what you have asked us for.

Please know that we will be grateful for whatever you may choose to give. Will you share with me what you thinking of doing?


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