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Our Mission.

OMS helps transform and improve Orthodox Church organizations, parishes, and ministries in order to strengthen the Body of Christ.


Our Vision.

Orthodox Ministry Services aims to measurably and materially: 

  • Improve organizational excellence in Orthodox organizations, parishes, and ministries through the research, development, deployment and support of best practices and solutions;

  • Address the most strategic needs of Orthodox organizations, parishes and ministries through strategic planning, investment, resource facilitation, capacity building, training, leadership development and dissemination of best practices resources and solutions;

  • Create and cultivate effective networks of Orthodox Christian leaders and ministries; 

  • More efficiently and responsibly facilitate collaboration among philanthropists and foundations with potential Orthodox organization, parish or ministry grantees; and

  • Help philanthropic funding achieve breakthrough results with targeted and accountable deployment into mission-driven Orthodox Christian organizations, parishes, ministries, and programs.  


Our Core Values.

  • Striving to be exemplary disciples of Jesus Christ

  • Living Orthodoxy

  • Excellence and best practices

  • Leading with complete integrity, transparency, and accountability

  • Exceeding expectations and measurable results

  • Cultivating collaboration across Church ministries 

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