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Vision and Planning

Leadership and Teams

Stewardship and Generosity

Parishioner Engagement


Operational Effectiveness


Vision and Planning

Orthodox Ministry Services can help your organization with a comprehensive strategic planning process that will illuminate your mission, your vision, and your goals. OMS has trained professionals who have a record of success in helping organizations focus their energies and resources into a laser-beam that brings together Board, Staff, and constituencies. With such agreement comes synergies that make every aspect of your organization run smoother and with more integrity.

OMS offers;

  • Strategic Planning, regardless of your stage of development

  • Board Training

  • Executive and Staff Searches


Leadership and Teams

Orthodox Ministry Services specializes in leadership and team-building. Through our evaluative process, OMS can help your organization to identify weak areas within your team, and help you find the leaders for your mission that will help you execute a purpose-driven mission to serve the Orthodox Church. 

OMS offers:

  • Team-building exercises and strategies

  • Board training

  • Development training


Stewardship and Generosity

Orthodox Ministry Services, in connection with Orthodox Venture Philanthropy, has a biblical program of stewardship and giving that has impacted numerous organizations, parishes, and jurisdictions. Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on Church attendance and local participation, stewardship ministries have needed new and innovative ways to sustain our church communities. OMS can provide concrete training and resources to bring your stewardship program to its best outcomes.

OMS offers:

  • Stewardship programs ready to go

  • Generosity models

  • Capital Campaign resources


Parishioner Engagement

Orthodox Ministry Services provides abundant resources and training models to increase parishioner engagement. Whether through youth and education programs, parish history and legacy projects, or special ministries of a jurisdictional or pan-Orthodox nature that bring more opportunity for Parishes to have a richer menu of engagement. OMS can provide innovative connections, training and resources to increase this most vital area of Parish life.

OMS offers:

  • Advice and counsel for parish engagement

  • Parish life resources

  • Connection to jurisdictional and pan-Orthodox programs



Orthodox Ministry Services does exactly that – it provides opportunity for new and unexplored ministries, whether to a Parish, a Diocese/Metropolis, or to a jurisdiction. As a pan-Orthodox service, OMS has a deep bench of expertise and understands where best to obtain resources and support for new ministry initiatives. 

OMS offers:

  • Ministry opportunities, no matter the size of those requesting

  • Resources to enable ministerial opportunities

  • Connection beyond the local jurisdiction to pan-Orthodox programs


Operational Effectiveness

Orthodox Ministry Services has a team of professionals who can assist in the efficacy not only of individual programs, but also provides abundant resources and training models to “raise the bar” for every ministry component. From board development to fundraising strategies, OMS can infuse a current system of governance and/or ministry with increased productivity and effectiveness.


OMS offers:

  • Advice and counsel for effective solutions

  • Access to innovative programs that address parochial needs

  • Connection to pan-Orthodox resources

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