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Orthodox Venture Philanthropy

There is a significant challenge faced by most independent Orthodox charities compared to their parish counterparts. They do not have the captive attention and pocketbooks of a group of dedicated steward parishioners. Thus, independent charities have some unique financial challenges and must always be in the fundraising business. They often need significant help in designing and implementing best-in-class fund-raising strategies.

At the same time, philanthropists are inundated by the constant barrage of funding request from this vast array of rapidly growing numbers of charities. The National Center for Charitable Statistics reports that there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S. (and the number seems to be constantly growing). Donors generally have limited visibility into the operational details of these charities and are unable to reliably ascertain their effectiveness in order to determine where their contributions can have the greatest impact.

OMS has added the ability to perform the much-needed due diligence and actually provide philanthropists an unprecedented insight and ability to calibrate the place for greatest impact and leverage of their donations. This is one of the many intersections between the mission of OMS and the vision of its Orthodox Venture Philanthropy (OVP). 

Once the due diligence of a charitable organization is completed, OMS will work closely with its leadership and team to strengthen their weaknesses and elevate their performance in:

  • Governance and Strategic Planning

  • Financial Administration

  • Development and Fundraising

  • Programs and Operations

  • Human Capital

  • Impact Evaluation and Learning


As a result of this direct assistance provided by OMS, charitable organizations become more effective and investible by philanthropists.

The OMS vision includes the creation of an Orthodox Venture Philanthropy Fund (OVPF) through which donors can ensure the greatest impact for their generosity.  The OVPF is a critical part of the OMS vision through which the funds can be raised to try and allow ALL of the solutions to be provided to the parishes and organizations totally free of charge to them in order to complement their already stretched resources. 

Donors will be able to participate through direct investment in any of: (a) OVPF, (b) a specific organization, parish or ministry, (c) a specific initiative, program or solution, (d) a strategic co-investment with another donor partner, or (e) a donor designated fund option that is a part of the total Orthodox Venture Philanthropy OMS offering.


OMS is uniquely organized to provide: 

  • Full due diligence to assess each charitable organization, its structure, needs, and effectiveness;

  • Proven solutions to shore up what needs to be addressed to better achieve excellence; and

  • Donors and contributors the complete transparent visibility into the organization into which they invest their charitable dollars and report on the degree of efficacy and impact.  

Through all of these operations, OMS is the centralized vehicle that can assess and address the greatest needs of these valuable charitable organizations the serve needs the parishes and their ministries cannot adequately address

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