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Not every person can ask for a gift: but everyone can help with fundraising

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:4)

Not everyone can get involved in personally asking people to give. For most people, it’s actually a frightening prospect. This exercise is designed to help identify other ways to help with funding the operations of a parish or to assist with the capital campaign for those who cannot or will not get directly involved in personal solicitations.

Check the ones you have participated in and write down any that have been inadvertently missed. Discuss as a parish council.

  • Contacted five to ten fellow parishioners by telephone to survey their thoughts on a particular subject or issue (this is called cultivation and involvement.)

  • Sent a personal letter to a fellow parishioner asking for an annual gift to stewardship.

  • Called contributors to thank them for their gifts.

  • Dropped a personal note to lapsed contributors.

  • Identified prospective major donors within the community and shared this information with the major gifts or capital campaign committee.

  • Pledged to the best of your personal ability.

  • Spoke frequently about the mission of the parish, its programs and purpose to others.

  • Accompanied a fellow parish council member, stewardship committee member or the priest on a cultivation or solicitation meeting.

  • Supported the fundraising events in the parish through attendance and encouraging others to attend.

  • Volunteered to assist with fundraising events.

  • Taught your children to give and to give generously.

  • Made provisions in your estate plans to remember the parish.

  • Participated in the announced “Month of Listening” project by the parish council.

  • Participated in “Annual Stewardship Day” at the parish

  • Called Father and asked how you can be of further service

  • Prayed for the parish and the fulfillment of its mission


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