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Welcome to Orthodox Ministry Services

We Help Orthodox Ministries Fulfill Their Mission in Christ

As the Body of Christ in the world,

the Orthodox Church and its institutions should strive to meet and exceed the performance and ethical standards we expect of for-profits and secular nonprofits. Strengthening Orthodoxy in America at this time must be a top priority for all the faithful.

OMS unlocks the potential of Orthodox organizations and parishes by bringing the necessary resources to address each institution’s diverse and most critical needs. Our services and resources are Christ-centered, performance-driven, sustainable, and scalable. We provide research, development, deployment, training, and operational support of best practices and solutions of excellence that allow parishes to grow and organizations to thrive.


How OMS Helps Orthodox Organizations.

Our Services

Vision and Planning

Parishioner Engagement

Leadership and Teams


Stewardship and Generosity

Operational Effectiveness


Effective Parish Assessment

Optimize Parish Health & Operational Excellence


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